Outdoor Rentals at Mylan Park

Mylan Park, West Virginia’s Premiere Sports and Recreation Facility, is home to a variety of topnotch sports and event facilities including Baseball and Softball (grass and turf) Fields, Multipurpose Athletic Fields, a Cross Country Course, and a Large Park Pavilion.

Mylan Park was officially voted Best of WV’s “Best Sports/Recreation Complex” in 2022 AND 2023 by readers and followers of WV Living.

Outdoor Rentals at Mylan Park:

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Anker Fields Complex

Natural Grass Baseball and Softball Fields

Anker Fields Complex is home to FOUR fenced-in natural grass baseball and softball fields: TWO Grass Baseball Fields and TWO Grass Softball/Youth Baseball Fields with the capability to host large baseball and/or softball tournaments. The complex is comprised of ticket offices, press boxes, batting cages, a pavilion, full-service concessions, and ample spectator seating for each field.

  • Shilling Field Grass Baseball Field
    Fence Distance – Left: 315, Center: 365, Right: 320
    Base Lengths – 90 feet
    Pitching Mound Length – 60 feet 6 inches
  • Dale Miller Field Grass Baseball Field
    Fence Distance – Left: 315, Center: 360, Right: 315
    Base Lengths – 90 feet
    Pitching Mound Length – 60 feet 6 inches
  • ISS Field Grass Softball/Youth Baseball Field
    Fence Distance – Left: 200, Center: 245, Right: 200
    Base Lengths – 60 – 70 feet
    Pitching Mound Length – 43 feet
  • Lynch Field Grass Softball/Youth Baseball Field
    Fence Distance – Left: 195, Center: 215, Right: 200
    Base Lengths – 60 – 70 feet
    Pitching Mound Length – 43 feet

Cross Country Course

Wide Trails and Challenging Hills with Great Views

Host your next 5k at Mylan Park! Overlooking the open, scenic views of Appalachia and passing The Aquatic Center and Track Complex, the Cross Country Course at Mylan Park is designed to be safe, well-defined, routed, and space appropriate for cross-country athletes. The starting point has a large flat area that can fit a large number of athletes for meets and provides a great viewing location for spectators.

Mylan Park with the Skyline

Mylan Park Fairgrounds

Host a concert, festival, or fair at Mylan Park by renting our Fairgrounds!

What makes up The Fairgrounds?

  • Hazel & J.W Ruby Community Center
  • RV Parking & Entire Parking Lot
  • Park Pavilion
  • Green Space Beyond the Park Pavilion
  • Multipurpose Athletic Fields
  • Gazebo

March-Westin Complex

Turf Youth Baseball and Softball Fields

March-Westin Complex is home to TWO fenced-in turf baseball and softball fields. The March-Westin Complex is incredibly versatile with portable mounds and can be configured for baseball or softball use, accessible to all age groups. Outfields can be configured for soccer, lacrosse, and other field sports.

  • FirstEnergy Foundation Field Turf Softball/ Youth Baseball FieldField distance – Left: 205, Center: 210, Right: 205
    Base Lengths – 50, 60, 70 feet
    Pitching Mound Length – 43 feet
  • Lower Turf Turf Softball/ Youth Baseball Field
    Fence Distance – Left-275, Center-295, Right-275
    Base Lengths – 70, 80, 90 feet
    Pitching Mound Length – 60′ 6″
Multipurpose Turf Athletic Fields at Mylan Park

Multipurpose Athletic Fields at Mylan Park

Multipurpose Turf Athletic Fields

Host your next soccer, lacrosse, football, or rugby game at our Multipurpose Athletic Fields!
  • Multipurpose Turf Field Artificial Turf
    Field Dimensions – Length -414′, Width -247′
    Typically used for soccer, rugby, women’s LAX, and football
  • Multipurpose Grass Field Natural Grass – COMING SOON

Park Pavilion at Mylan Park

Covered Outdoor Event Space

The Park Pavilion is a clear-span steel-framed structure featuring a 4:12 pitch, 20-pound live-load, 90-mile-per-hour wind load, and 30-pound ground snow load. The columns, frames, roof purlins, bracing, and secondary structural components are shop-painted with protective red-oxide primer. The roof boasts 26 gauge prefinished galvalume panels with exposed hex-head fasteners, gutter and downspouts, and open walls.

Park Pavilion Dimensions:
Approximately 140 ft long x 62 ft wide
Corridor has a height of 14 ft
The main hall eave has a height of 17 ft 8 in

The Ideal Venue for…

  • Weddings & Reunions
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Outdoor Concerts

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