Mylan Park owns and operates a wide variety of facilities that are perfect for hosting any occasion.  We have facilities that are focused on athletics and aquatics operations with space available for practice or to host large spectator events.  We also have facilities to accommodate your special event needs, from hosting a small gathering to large special events both indoors and outdoors.

All the facilities at Mylan Park offer a wide range of amenities that can meet the needs for any occasion that are easily accessible to all.  Our staff specializes in facility reservations and event planning and we are happy to help you reserve space or plan your next event.  Below you will find details on all of Mylan Park’s facilities and reservation opportunities.  We will look forward to speaking with you soon and we hope to see you out at the park!


Additional Reservation Items

In planning for your next event at Mylan Park we offer additional equipment and services to help make your event a success! Please see the table listed to the right showing some of the additional equipment and services that you may need at your event.

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For all aquatics reservations please email
For all athletics reservations, please email
For all special event reservations, please email
or call us at (304) 933 – 2782

Add On Services Unit Rate
Turface Per Bag $18
8′ Tables Per Table $5
Chairs Per Chair $1.25
Pipe & Drape Per Linear Foot $1.25
Parking Attendants Market Rate
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Market Rate
Security Market Rate
Shuttle Buses Market Rate
20 x 30 Tent (with damage waiver) Each $750
20 x 20 Tent (with damage waiver) Each $650
10 x 10 Pop-up Tent each $50


Want more information you can take with you on the go? Feel free to download and print our comprehensive guide to all of the programs and services Mylan Park has to offer!

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